Angie Toman


Owner of Living Balance Studios, Angie began her journey into body awareness and movement at the age of 5 when she put on her first pair of ballet slippers. She immediately felt at home in a studio where movement, discipline, and fitness for all ages were a priority, a way of life. Although her life (and head) tried to take her in other, more academic directions, her heart kept bringing her back to her calling- teaching and offering all that she has learned through many years of dance, fitness, yoga, and Pilates.

Angie’s 200 hour Yoga Alliance and STOTT Pilates Certifications are supplemented by certifications in Anatomy, Pre/Post Natal Yoga/Pilates, Kids Yoga, Senior Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga Assist Massage. Most importantly, Angie has dedicated herself to teaching a wide range of ages and abilities for the last 20 years. Angie truly believes she has found her purpose in life. She looks forward to being of service to an ever-expanding community.

“Angie possesses an uncanny ability to work with individual needs ... her blend of professionalism and personalization is unsurpassed.”  local dentist 

“Because Angie was an attorney, she is living proof that the world would be a far better place if more lawyers taught yoga!”  local doctor 

“Training with Angie after my back surgery changed my world.  I can assure you your quality of life will change for the better if you are trained by her.” local builder/developer.



Jessica Laird


Jessica is an authentic fitness enthusiast intrigued by the mind body connection. She received her Barre Certification through Synergence Teacher Training after her own amazing experience. 

Wanting to further her education she began the study of yoga in search for a safe way to progress strength and resilience during rehabilitation. She received her 500 RYT from Mel Marie Yoga Academy in San Antonio TX. This paired with working in the physical therapy industry for eight years has helped her tailor classes to individual needs with an innovative approach and a concentration in therapeutics. 

In the midst of her study, she also received several sub specialty certifications. Jessica is a Certified Warriors at Ease Teacher and has completed her training with the Veterans Yoga Project. As a military spouse her heart resides with the healing of our service men and women. She works as the Yoga and Modality Instructor with the Lone Survivor Foundation serving combat veterans using trauma sensitive yoga techniques. 

Jessica is also the owner of Honey Bee Sweat Virtual Barre and Wellness Studio. She is a wanderer at heart with three kids on a never ending exploration of health, wellness, and self-care. Her hope for her students is that they will feel empowered to take the lead in their life, deepen their understanding of the power within themselves, and love often!



Vicky Greene


Vicky completed her 200 hour yoga teacher certification through Embrace Yoga Studio in Fayetteville, NC. Already a health and wellness enthusiast, yoga helped Vicky gain a deeper connection to her body. Her yoga journey was more than just physical though, it was an emotional and spiritual journey as well, which inspired her to want to share this beautiful practice with others. Vicky teaches many styles of yoga from Beginners Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Prenatal Yoga, Hot Yoga, and Yin & Restorative Yoga.

With a desire to learn more about physical fitness, Vicky received her Pilates Certification from Roxann Woods of Pilates Certification of North Carolina in Cary, NC. Shortly after she received her training in Mat Pilates, Vicky fell in love with this way of working out and made the decision to go further with her certification. Vicky is trained and certified in Mat Pilates, the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Wunda Chair, and the Ladder Barrel.  If you attend one of Vicky’s classes, you will experience a challenging workout with clear and precise instruction to help you reach your fitness goals.

Before she had her daughter in 2017, Vicky managed a health food store for over 5 years. Through many trainings and research, she  became knowledgeable about homeopathy, herbal supplementation and nutrition. Her experience in the natural health field and having overcome multiple health issues of her own through changing her diet and lifestyle, influenced Vicky to get her certification as a Health Coach. She strongly feels that eating a balanced and healthy diet mostly of fruits and vegetables, exercise, and mindfulness are the perfect combination to creating a long and healthy life. 



Deborah Teasley


Deborah began practicing yoga regularly in the 1990’s when, as a corporate senior executive, she needed to control stress and maintain fitness. She has taught meditation and practiced Reiki for over thirty years and became a yoga teacher in 2014 through Embrace Yoga Studio. She has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in nursing and a PhD in health administration with a minor in health education.  She believes teaching yoga is the perfect combination of wellness and mindfulness practices. Her style combines a blend of flow, yin and therapeutic yoga. Her desire is to help her students develop self appreciation, presence and gratitude. Outside the yoga studio, Deborah is an avid SCUBA diver committed to marine conservation.



Melissa Aguirre


Author, Educator and Entrepreneur, Melissa Aguirre is an integrative mind body therapist directing, teaching and authoring therapeutic programs for special populations, mind body education and the military community. Owner of MelMarie Yoga, Boerne Yoga and founding director of nonprofit Trinity Healing Foundation, partner of USO and the Vogel Resiliency Center at Fort Sam Houston, military spouse, and chai enthusiast, Melissa Aguirre is passionate about empowering the community to advocate for individual wellbeing through self care, stress management and connection. For more about Melissa visit 



Charla Suggs


Charla has been with Living Balance Yoga Studios since 2015 and currently holds credentials as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor, National Certified Counselor, Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Level 1 iRest Teacher. Areas of specialty include trauma recovery, stress inoculation, and psychological healing through integration. As a law enforcement wife of 23 years, Charla has developed a heart for professionals who have trauma embedded in their work as well as their underserved families. With a foundational belief that it is as important to be better as it is to feel better, Charla is passionate about sharing how the practice of yoga speaks beautifully and completely to both.



Jennifer Warnock


Jennifer began practicing yoga in 2010 in Fayetteville, NC as part of physical therapy for a shoulder injury. After realizing the benefits of yoga in her personal life, Jennifer pursued her 200hr RYT certification in 2012 through The Yoga Connection in Smithfield, NC with focus on Hatha Yoga. Her studies continued with formal Yin training and she went on to complete Prenatal Yoga certification (RYPT) in 2013. In 2015, Jennifer completed Group Fitness certification through AFAA, Reiki level 1 and 2 training, as well as receiving restorative yoga training again through The Yoga Connection.

As a military spouse, Jennifer has an eclectic range of teaching experience. In addition to teaching Hatha Yoga, she has taught yoga to physical therapy patients in an office setting in Fayetteville, NC as well as hot yoga classes in both Fayetteville and Dunn, NC. While living in Northern Virginia, Jennifer owned Timeless Yoga LLC, which brought private and prenatal yoga instruction to military service members and their families.

Jennifer started Sunrise Yoga through The Red Cross at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, offering for the first time, classes for the hospital's Soldiers, Sailors and civilian employees. Jennifer moved to Kentucky, where she maintained her relationship with The Red Cross by volunteering to teach yoga through Fort Knox's Behavior Health Warrior Wellness Program. She taught yoga at NTouch Spa, renamed Karma Yoga in 2017, Gammon Gym on Fort Knox and for the VA. Jennifer returned to Northern Virginia in 2016, where she went back to teaching on Fort Belvoir and The Workhouse Art of Movement Studio.

Jennifer is now a certified Reiki Master and is pursuing her associate degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant. Jennifer is a mom of three kids and finds yoga is a great way to bring peace and clarity to her life and at the same time helps her with her arthritis pain. She hopes to see you on the mat.



Lindsey Lawrence


Lindsey is a motivated instructor with a collaborative and curious spirit to consistently learn. She pursues all opportunities to bring the practice of yoga, meditation and self-work to her students off the mat and into their every day, busy lives. Yoga has been a part of Lindsey’s life intermittently, but it wasn’t until 2015 during a tough divorce while moving to a new city she found herself in need of a refuge. Yoga has been that refuge ever since.

As a military member and a lifelong athlete, Lindsey continued to practice during TDY’s and deployments as a means of growth, quiet and athletic recovery. On her most recent deployment, she began teaching herself to instruct others on her team and saw the privilege that comes with instructing other in their practice. In 2018 Lindsey was awarded a Scholarship to Hot Asana University, in Southern Pines where she attended her 8-month Yoga Teacher Training in 2019. Lindsey discovered she was pregnant in 2019 and learned the value of appreciating modifications, and body work through yoga throughout her pregnancy. In 2020, Lindsey graduated her YTT.

Lindsey has been teaching online to various students, mostly military during quarantine. She continues to evolve through continued education and toward her 300 YTT. She has become certified in Yin yoga, Long Slow Deep (LSD), Yoga for Athletes and advance anatomy. Lindsey believes that no body is the same and she has a deep passion for teaching the value in personalized modifications and props. She also enjoys guiding recovery for high performing individuals (athletes, military, etc),as well as finds passion in teaching foundational yoga, and the mind-body connection. 



Manyla Putnam


Manyla took her first yoga class in college as an elective, doubtfulit would benefit her.  A tragic caraccident had put her on a downward spiral for several years and left her void ofhappiness, motivation, and a positive outlook.  Her initial time on the mat was literally lifesaving. She felt thestirrings of life and positive energy reemerge after being dormant for so long.  After the course, she practiced on and off usingDVD’s until she moved back home in 2011 and found a studio. She was introduced tohot yoga by a friend and instantly fell in love.  Over the next few years she learned to control her PTSD, depression and anxiety through yoga and meditation. She is eternallygrateful for the healing path yoga opened for me.

She married her husband in 2015 and the Army brought them to Ft.Bragg, North Carolina. In January 2016 she began practicing at a studio inFayetteville.  The incredible energy andinstructors she found gave her a place to nurture her mind, body and soul as she continued her full-time job as a dental hygienist. In 2018 she decided to take her loveof yoga a step further and completed her RYT-200 certification.  Yoga has taught her it is possible to bounceback from what life throws at you and to look for the lesson in those moments.  It has developed resiliency in her and helped her find her inner strength.

She hopes to share the incredible benefits of yoga with her students and show them that anyone can practice yoga at any stage of life.  Manyla teaches heated and unheated flows tomulti-level students, as well as Yin Yoga. She is a Certified Yoga WarriorInstructor as of November 2018 and looks forward to helping Veterans and othersliving with PTSD. She loves nature, reading, traveling and food.  She invites you to join her on your mat and startwith one breath, one moment to see the possibilities yoga holds for you.



Brittany Moore


My love for yoga stemmed from my first yoga class as a young professional.  I was chronically stressed and turned to yoga as a way to cope.  It soon became a way of life, as I noticed lower levels of stress, mental clarity, improved digestion and more confidence.  Yoga became a vital part of my career as a school psychologist and certified holistic health coach.  I began practice as a certified holistic health coach in 2018 after graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, New York and my 200-hour RYT from Guiding Wellness Institute in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  At the end of the year, I will also be a
level 1 iRest teacher.   

I feel called to yoga and holistic health coaching as a way to support individuals to be their vibrant and authentic self, rather than stressed or worn out.  As a certified holistic health coach, I support women and busy professionals with balancing hormones, decreasing stress (as well as the many chronic health ailments that come along with it) and improving overall clarity.  Together we cultivate a plan that is supportive, effective and personalized.  

It is one of my greatest joys to get to serve the collective on the mat.  I enjoy teaching a wide range of classes, but love leading gentle flow, yin and meditation classes.  I believe that yoga is more than just holding a posture, it is about reconnecting with the breath, the body and ultimately the inner self.  
Can’t wait to meet you on the mat!



Callie Farmer


Callie moved to Fayetteville, NC straight out of graduate school where she got her Masters Degree in Studio Art.  Callie has spent much of her life devoted to her creative practice, teaching, family, and her active healthy lifestyle.  In 2019 Farmer started her Yoga Teacher training in the 200 level and had been consistently practicing two years prior to that. Callie loves the connection that yoga creates between the physical, emotional, and mental self.  In her practice, Callie designs her flows to reflect the connection with the self and to strengthen the self in all aspects of life.



Tara Van Geons

RYT 500

Tara Van Geons has been practicing yoga for over twenty years. For Tara, yoga is both a physical and a spiritual practice, and it has been tremendously helpful for her in managing anxiety, depression, and trauma. 

Tara's yoga philosophy is centered on the belief that yoga is accessible for all. The true essence and heart of yoga is, by definition, unity. Unity of the mind, body, and spirit

Tara is known for her gregarious personality and her teaching style truly comes from the heart. "I truly believe in showing up for practice fully embracing this messiness called life. Sometimes our practice calls for laughter and joy, and sometimes our practice calls for healing and tears. It is my intent to show up authentically each and every time for my students." 

Tara is a 500hr Registered Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance (having studied with Hayat Hakim and Yoga Renew).  



Ashley Stone 


Ashley began practicing yoga in 2009 while living in Colorado. At that time, it was the exploration of the body’s physical limitations, that drew her in. 

Four years later she found herself sitting in a 200-hour yoga teacher training, hoping to physically “perfect” the postures. That didn’t happen - and not for lack of effort but rather because, as she quickly learned, that is not the purpose of yoga! She quickly fell in love with the magic of yoga to transform so much more than just the body.

Ashley has since completed various yoga and fitness trainings and holds certifications as a personal trainer and 500-hr RYT.
In Ashley's classes expect to be awakened to your anatomy as her cues focus strongly on encouraging new ways of observing the body. She also loves to use music to invigorate and guide the movements - so be prepared tofeel the music. She finds great joy in spreading her love for yoga through her intelligently sequenced all-levels-welcome classes. So come join Ashley on your mat for a nourishing, supportive, and self-driven experience.

Outside of the studio Ashley is a practicing dietitian who spends her weekends chasing dreams with her husband and 3 little boys.  


Adeline Petterson


Adeline began her journey with yoga while taking yoga as an elective in college. She found that it greatly helped her manage stress and it quickly became part of her weekly routine. Once the PE class ended she began to take classes at a hot yoga studio, falling even more in love with the challenges and benefits of yoga. After college, she moved to Spain to teach English and traveled throughout Europe. She used yoga as a conduit to meet other people from around the world. During this time she was able to experience many different types of yoga from Ashtanga to Hatha yoga. Her favorite type of class is Hot Vinyasa.When she returned to the US she decided to further her practice and completed her yoga teacher training 200-hour certification with Yoga Legacy in Fayetteville in August 2021. She has taken specialty training in prenatal,children’s, hot, and detox yoga. In her classes, she will provide students with a safe place to explore the mind-body connection. She looks forward to growing even more in her own practice learning from her students and fellow instructors at Living Balance Studios.



Casey Zipp


Casey discovered yoga her freshman year of college when she took it as an elective course but had no idea the impact it would make on her life. She quickly noticed the immediate benefits of yoga and loved having the opportunity to still her mind and connect with her body. Immersing herself in the yogi lifestyle, she decided to take the next step and become a yoga instructor. She did her training at the Amrit Yoga Institute under Yogi Amrit Desai, one of the last remaining yoga masters that brought the practice to the west from India. Here, she learned that yoga was so much more than just a way to move your body and enjoys bringing the spiritual teachings of yoga into her classes. Casey hopes that her students leave her classes feeling refreshed and a little more connected to the divine spirit that lives within us all. 



Kalei Phree


 Kalei Phree, the founder and owner of Phreedom Healing, hashosted retreats throughout the year 2021, partnering with other businesses thatrepresent holistic healing. She holds Cosmic Bliss sound baths twice a monthand frequently travels when booked for a wide variety of events and privatesound healing sessions. Born in Atlanta, Ga and raised in North Carolina by hergrandparents, Kalei began her sound healing journey to find relief from her ownpersonal obstacles, present and past. As she transformed her life by using thevibrations of singing bowls to heal from anxiety disorders and depression, shefound her calling in ability to heal others. In 2019, Kalei Phree officiallybecame a Sound Healer and Self Awareness Life coach, and has since touched hundredsof lives in North Carolina, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, Philadelphia,Texas, South Carolina, Jamaica, and many more through her virtual soundhealings and on social media. Kalei is true inspiration, just being in herpresence is soothing to the soul. Her yoga classes are an inspiring blend ofsound vibrations and movement. Bringing awareness to the community and sharingher knowledge of alternative methods of healing is Kalei’s lifelong passion.With her crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, Tingsha Tibetan bells,tuning forks, rain maker, and chimes, Kalei is excited to bring her soundhealing to yoga retreats, local and abroad.



Wendy Merritt


In 2012, I had a realization that I wanted to know more about yoga.  My years of gym and studio practice, as well as reading about yoga in books, magazines, and online were only taking me so far.  So, when I saw YogaFit happened to be hosting a training close to home, I signed up.  Taking the first weekend training had me hooked!  I wanted to know more and more!  I continued to sign up for a variety of training opportunities over the next year.  Before long, I realized I was well on my way to completing my 200hr requirements.  I completed my 200hr teacher training program with YogaFit in April 2014. I finished my 500hr training in October 2017. I've completed an additional 100 hours of training for Yoga for Athletes to complement my personal training certification.

Now, I'm enjoying yoga more than ever!  Yoga has helped me find peace, strength, and flexibility - in my mind, body, and soul.  It truly has become a part of me and me a part of it!

Each class I facilitate with an attitude that it will be accessible to all who join.  Recognizing that our body's needs are constantly evolving, it's my hope that we can find the variations of any given asana (pose) that will benefit each individual in the moment.



Ashley Clayton


Ashley began her yoga journey in 2005 as a means of recovering from the toll running and other sports had taken on her joints. Soon, the healing benefits extended beyond the physical and she began to experience positive shifts in her emotional energy and overall well-being. This revelation needed to be shared so, when the time was right, she completed her first 200-hour certification with Hayat Hakim in 2016. Forever a student, she slowly began to expand her studies over the next several years, including learning from Hope Petraza with Mat Pilates and Guru Singh and Brett Larkin with Kundalini Yoga. Ashley finds joy in sharing her learning with her students by incorporating various genres in her classes. Her students experience meditation, mindful breathwork, intention setting along with mantra and guided movement during the practice.

When she isn’t teaching or practicing, Ashley stays busy traveling and gardening with her husband, children, and many fur babies.



Lauren Morgan

RYT 200

Lauren is a yogi whose life's balance was restored through the practice of asana, pranayama, and dhyāna. These practices led her to yoga teacher training in Nicaragua during July of 2019. It was there that she experienced a profound deepening of the mind-body connection and began her journey to true self love. 

Like so many people, she has struggled with depression, lack of self-love, divorce and family death. She found hope through yoga and learning about the deeper principles of yoga and is inspired by Reiki, astrology and the power of our breath.

Lauren recently had the opportunity to step away from her advertising career of 11 years to stay at home with her daughter who was born in 2020. The fast-paced, deadline-driven advertising world is high stress and can lead to burnout. While she thrived in her career, she found yoga as her refuge from work. Practicing gave her a sacred space to move her body and reflect on her life. 

This high achiever welcomed the chance to transition into a “new normal” being a stay-at-home parent. She endeavors to share universal love and healing energy with others in hopes that they may go deeper into their practice.

She is excited to be a part of Living Balance Studio and continues to chase what matters most to her: self-work, family time and finding like-minded individuals to create a positive impact with. 



Sarah Guidry


  Sarah found yoga while in college and needed a new tool to help with the overwhelm of her studies. She instantly loved how yoga created the space for her to tap inward…finding ease, balance, creativity, and curiosity. After graduating college, Sarah began moving often with her Army husband and fur babies. With each move she found a new yoga studio that offeredsomething dear to her and helped her dive more into her mind-body-spiritconnection.Sarah loves the feeling of being on the mat and getting "lost" in the sequence.Being on the mat gives her an opportunity to meet and accept whatever wantsto surface, whether gentle or difficult.After noticing all the greatness yoga has put into her life, Sarah decided thatshe wanted to bring the magic of yoga to others. In December 2021, shecompleted her yoga teacher training program with The Yoga Dojo(Richmond, VA) and became a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher!In class, Sarah strives to create a welcoming and safe space for the student togo inward and find their own Light within. She loves to bring other healingmodalities into her practice to include Pranayama and guided meditations thatassist in setting the tone for the class.When she is not on her mat, Sarah loves to create, read, rock climb, spendtime outdoors, and have relaxing times with her husband and fur babies.Aside from teaching yoga, Sarah is a certified Reiki II practitioner and willsoon be trained in offering cacao ceremonies to others! She believes not onemodality fits all and enjoys uncovering new methods of healing so that shemay offer these to others in need.   

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