Semi-Private Pilates Apparatus Classes are available now!

You have an option of joining five different groups.
Groups currently available:
Monday's @ 7:45am | Monday's @ 1:00pm | Tuesday's @ 6:00pm | Friday's @ 7:45am | Friday's @ 10:15am
If you would like to reserve your spot in a Semi-Private Pilates Apparatus Class please email our Pilates Instructor, Vicky Greene, at


Meet Vicky!

Your Semi-Private Pilates Apparatus Instructor

Vicky has been doing Pilates on and off since 2009. Having been an experienced yoga instructor, Vicky went into her training thinking she knew a few things about Pilates, but quickly learned that she did not know nearly as much about as she thought. What a humbling experience for Vicky! Thankfully, her trainer had 20+ years experience and was very thorough in her teachings.

Through her training, Vicky learned that Pilates is more than a workout. Pilates can help a person correct their posture and learn how to use their core muscles to support their spine. Having low back pain since she was a teenager, Vicky no longer experiences low back pain thanks to Pilates. Vicky describes Pilates as the perfect way to build strength and tone muscles through learning how to correctly use your core. In her words, “Pilates helps you build strength from the core out. It can be hard and intense, but the results are amazing!”   

Vicky trained under Roxann Wood of Pilates Certification of North Carolina in Cary, NC. She is certified in Mat Pilates, Pilates on the Reformer and is currently undergoing her training on the Cadillac. Vicky has also received continuing education with the Pilates Fitness Ring and is adding more trainings to her resume as she continues her Pilates journey.

When you attend one of Vicky’s Pilates Apparatus classes, not only will she give you a challenging workout, she also gives clear and precise instruction helping each client have a good understanding of the exercises so they can reach their fitness goals. Every class is tailored to your needs and strength level. After one class, you will want to come back for more!  


Things to know before attending a Semi-Private Pilates Apparatus Class

Each new client must take one private class to get a good understanding of the foundations. After that, you are able to attend the group Semi-Private Pilates Apparatus Classes.
Each class is $35 or you can purchase a 10 class pack for $300.

The cancellation policy is the same for semi-privates as regular private classes.
You can click here to learn more about our cancellation policy.


Check out some sample movements from our classes!



Contact Vicky at or fill in the form below and she will reach out to you!


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