Why Private Instruction?


Private instruction allows the client to receive personal, individualized attention that he or she would not receive in a community yoga class. Living Balance Studios offers a mix of therapeutic, private classes in a safe environment that will improve one’s wellness in their daily life. Increasing flexibility, strengthening, and balance; clients will begin to reap the physical benefits as well as learning tools to find tranquility through relaxation techniques.


Private sessions take the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of humans and strive to balance the whole being. Through holistic practices, such as yoga therapy, Thai massage, breathing techniques, reiki, meditation, and Pilates, one can reap the benefits of the holistic belief that the body has an innate ability to heal itself. Whether your new to these modalities or need special attention, using private instruction allows one to experience a class that teaches clients the tools to strengthen, revive, and take control of his or her own health. This is an opportunity for you to experience an individualized session conditioned directly for your needs making these private classes all about you.

Our mirrors are up in the Pilates studio! 

Schedule YOUR Pilates Private. 

How To Schedule

Contact Living Balance Studios to inquire about availability to schedule your initial consultation.

The initial consultation allows the instructor to discuss your needs and wellness goals to ensure the classes are tailored to your liking and health maintenance. This appointment is a 75 minute session that includes consultation and class. 

Contact by email HERE or call 434-409-6415