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Living Balance Studios

Take a look at this video from our Founder, Angie Toman recorded in 2015.


Mission and Values

Living Balance Studios is the manifestation of our belief that people of potential, gratitude, and abundance are those who diligently care for and balance their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Our studios are designed as a welcoming, healing harbor for all who enter. Our staff is screened for their knowledge of the mind/body disciplines and their intuition about the needs of our clients. We offer an inviting, inclusive, tranquil space for all individuals committed to seeking and practicing physical and mental balance within their lives. Living Balance Studios is an ever-evolving venture steeped in authenticity, integrity, and grace. We invite you to breathe, experience, and grow with us! Enjoy!

Balance...your life,

Honor...your neighbor,

Empower...your world.


As an addition to your health protocols or preventative health practices, Living Balance Studios design therapeutically applicative yoga therapy, Pilates, yoga assist massage, and reiki sequences tailored to address individualized needs through the practice. We specialize in private and group instruction, but implement the same technology into our community workshops and events.

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