Why Yoga?

Yoga means to "yoke" or bring union and equanimity to the body, mind, and spirit.  Yoga in the physical form was originally created to move the body and so calm and focus the mind.  People come to yoga for many different reasons.  Maybe you are looking for a way to de-stress and unwind from your busy life.  You might be looking to build strength, stability, and balance in your body.  Your focus might be gaining more flexibility in the muscles and joints.  There are many benefits to a yoga practice and many ways to enjoy.  Your practice might be strong and fast or slow and gentle.  It will often vary depending on where you are in life each week.  At Living Balance Studios we offer a variety of yoga forms along with other tools  to accommodate our clients' evolving needs and goals.  So call to set up a consultation and give your yoga practice a try!

What is Pilates?

Originally created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900's, the main focus of Pilates is the core muscles of the abdomen, waist, and back that surround and strengthen the spine.  Joseph Pilates believed and showed through his work that by strengthening the muscles that support the spine, you can strengthen and heal the whole body.  Whether working from the mat or practicing on one of the Pilates machines, your body will most definitely become stronger and healthier with this practice.  Give Living Balance Studios a call!  We will show you just how great your back can feel.

I am New to Pilates, but I Only Want to Work on the Machines.  Is that Possible?

It is possible, but at Living Balance Studios we recommend that you start on the mat.  Pilates is a very efficient, but precise, practice.  As such, it is better to get the basics on the mat before adding the many options that the machines offer. 

What is PiYo?

PiYo is a combination Pilates and yoga class.  While Pilates focuses largely on the core muscles, yoga encompasses toning and stretching of all the muscles, joints, and fascia of the body.  The two disciplines are complementary.  You might enjoy this combination class.

What is Yoga Assist Massage?

This massage is a combination of yoga, acupressure, and massage.  Wearing comfortable, stretchy clothing, you lay on a mat on the floor.  The instructor places the recipient in different yoga positions to stretch the muscles while simultaneously massaging and adding pressure points.  Afterwards you will likely feel the benefits of a thorough yoga class without any of the effort!

Do You Offer Hot Yoga?

We do offer hot yoga! Check out the hot yoga classes on our group classes page. The temperature for hot yoga at our studio is between 90-100 degrees with a humidity of 40%. We do offer Warm classes where the temperature varies between 80-90 degrees. You can find both classes here.

Where Can I Find the Class Schedule?

Group classes are here! You can find our schedule under the group class tab above in the navigation bar or click here.

What is the Cost of a Private Class?

Check out our pricing and special offerings here.

Does a Private Class Mean Only One Person?

No.  Private simply means it is your class and only those you invite will be a part of the class.  At Living Balance Studios we often work with duos, trios, or even small groups up to 6 people.  In these classes, the members of the private group split the cost among them.  This often allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of a private class with a more cost effective option.  

How Do I Make an Appointment for a Private Class?

At Living Balance Studios we start off with an Initial Private Consultation.  This 75 minute long ($100) consult serves several purposes.  First, this allows you and your potential instructor to sit and discuss your goals, needs, concerns, and any questions you may have about your practice.  Second, you will then experience a sample class so that you can be in the studio and practice with your instructor.  Third, you will have the opportunity to discuss scheduling options for your continuing classes and package options.  There is no long term commitment attached to the consultation.  If you are interested in setting up your consultation, please contact Angie at (434) 409-6415.  We look forward to practicing with you.

How Often Do I Need to Practice?

At Living Balance Studios we encourage our private clients to set up a weekly schedule that becomes part of your routine.  Many of our clients see the most benefits by practicing with us twice a week.  Of course, once a week is an option as well.  Your instructor will likely give you a bit of "homework" to give your body more benefits outside of the studio as well.

We encourage group classes as often as you are able. 

Does the Studio Offer Monthly Memberships?

We offer packages for both private and group classes.

What if I Pay for a Private Package of Classes but I Have to Miss a Class or I am Out of Town?

Living Balance Studios has a 24 hour cancellation policy.  As long as you notify your instructor more than 24 hours before your absence, you will not be charged for that class.  Your package will simply continue until all classes are used up.  (There is, however, a six month expiration on packages.  This expiration can be extended in circumstances such as deployment or family emergencies).

What if I Pay for a Group Package of Classes and I am out of town for an extended period?

Packages are good for 6 months. However, for extended illnesses or deployments we will definitely work with you. 

Can I Gift Someone an Experience at the Studio?

Absolutely!  We have beautiful, decorative gift certificates that can be purchased in any amount.

Does the Studio Offer Workshops?

Yes.  The scheduling of these workshops varies.  Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with events happening at Living Balance Studios or check the upcoming events here. 

Does the Studio Offer Teacher Training?

We do! Please find all the information for our teacher training in the yoga teacher training tab above or click here.

What are the Chakras?

The word chakra in Sanskrit means "wheel". There are seven energy "wheels" located along the spine. Each of these seven energy centers has its own associated color, shape, and purpose. When all of these centers are happily spinning as they should, we have balance and harmony within our body, mind and spirit.

Bending, twisting, and stretching yoga postures are instrumental in freeing energy to flow through the chakra centers. This action can help bring balance to the chakra system. 

Find out more by taking a Meditative Chakra Flow class. You can sign up here. 

To immerse yourself in the details and free your energy blockages check out our Chakra Workshop here.

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