What is Yoga?

Yoga means, “to yoke” the mind, breath, and body together. Westerners have used yoga as a method for working out and preventative health, but along with that yoga teaches students to breathe deeply, relax, and release tension from the physical body, which also releases tension from the emotional body. This is why people claim yoga to be so good for stress relief! In a society that is so fast pace, it is no wonder people enjoy yoga so much because it gives a safe place to slow down, breathe, and open up the body. Naturally, gravity and the stresses of the day causes our bodies to close up and become tight with tension and aches and overtime if these aches are not confronted they can manifest into things such as illness, injuries, and diseases. Yoga confronts these aches and closed areas on a physical level by stretching, twisting, balancing, and strengthening. Partnered with breath yoga assists us to feel more open and much better. Yoga can be modified to suit any and every fitness level. Restore and replenish your well-being with Living Balance Studios!

An article in Forbes Magazine called “How Yoga could help keep kids in school”, BK Bose, PhD says “This is about more than just mindfulness,” says Bose. “It’s about the integration of these modalities. This is not some feel good, foo-foo practice from the Himalayas. This is based in cutting edge neuroscience, trauma research, and in somatic psychology. This is vital to ensure our well-being, and to our economy.  Let’s come together under the banner of transformative practices, and put forward the essence of yoga, not the hype. This is simple. Anyone can do this, anytime, anywhere. If you can move, if you can breathe, then you can do the practice.” Yoga really does encourage well-being and healing throughout the body. Come hit your refresh button and revive!

Dr. Timothy McCall provides a wonderful collection of research evidence on why yoga can help you. visit      http://drmccall.com/yoga/YAM--75Conditions.pdf  to learn more!

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